Without a doubt, 2020 will go down in history as a year we will never forget. Now that we’re arriving at the beginning of a new year, it’s not as if suddenly everything will change and we can put on a fresh set of sheets, air out the house, and think that some of the old dust and other “undesirable stuff” isn’t tagging along. Wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately, we’ll still be wading through the muckiness of the transition to whatever our new “more or less normal” will be. However, though many factors which impact our lives are outside of our control, we can absolutely start something new by focusing on “I.” What I can do? How I can think? How do I feel?

Just as I finished writing the previous paragraph, I was suddenly inspired to use the “Empowering Your Soul” Spiritual Working Cards. This is one of the ways the Universe speaks to us—random ideas that come from nowhere. The thought I received was to pick a card from each of the 5 categories to provide guidance for 2021 to whoever will read this article. I was quite blown away. The cards that came up are so apropos for this particular time. Here they are, presented in the order in which they each came up to the top of the deck:

Guidance From The Universe

Tip #1 from the Constellation category: Scorpio. “Persistent, intuitive and smart, Scorpios may lack trust and fight for what they think they need.” With this card, the Universe is reminding us that we are all intuitive and what we need to do is learn how to trust the Universe and let the path be shown. Certainly, the path isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, but if you listen to and follow it, you’ll be much better off than fighting your way thinking you know all the answers. This is the “let go, let God” idea. Or, stated differently, “Go with the flow.”

Tip #2 from the Spirituality Applied category: Reflect. “It’s time to pause, reflect, and grow into the new being your soul has become.” What a well-needed reminder to not just think about where you are at the end of 2020 and where you’d like to get to. That would be focusing only on where we still want something different in our lives. We often forget to look back at where we were to see just how much we’ve evolved. As mentioned, 2020 has been an extraordinary year. Think about what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, and how many boxes you stepped out from to adjust to the new circumstances. Let that settle in for a while. Let your soul feel the change, not just know the change. And remember to keep doing that periodically in 2021 lest you lose sight of the progress you are making. Even a beautiful rose was once a bud, and before a bud, just a little unnoticeable growth on a stem.

Tip #3 from the Spiritual Laws category: The Mirror. “How do the flaws you see in others reflect back on you?” In my opinion, this is one of the fastest ways to know what you still have to work on. With this card, the Universe is reminding us that as we start off into the new year, when someone triggers negative feelings, the focus needs to be on what you need to change or heal NOT to point the finger at the other. This may be one of the most difficult spiritual concepts to apply (right after trusting in the Universe, if you ask me), because it’s much easier to blame others than to take a hard look at oneself. Yet, if we’re seeking to better ourselves or our lives as many of us are, consider being triggered as a pearl of wisdom being exposed from a human shell.

Tip #4 from the Mind category: Quick Fix. “Numbing out with food, shopping, drugs etc. will not solve the problem. It’s time to face the truth.” While the quick fix surely gets us over the hump to provide instant relief from our pain whether emotionally or physically, in the long term, it only compounds the difficulties. This card is reminding us that this is not the answer, and that 2021 is about real change—to do the hard work to get to and be untangled from the root(s) of the problem.

Tip #5 from the Energy category: Feminine Energy. “Feminine energy is intuitive, dynamic and unpredictable, and can take you to unchartered places.” It needs expression and creation to thrive. It sees everything as interconnected and recognizes when it’s time to destroy the old to make room for the new. With this particular card, the Universe is giving us the message that moving into 2021, we should strive to live more from our feminine energy (intuition/heart space) than from our masculine energy (the mind—logical and structured). The goal is to be guided from our feminine energy but use the masculine to implement the ideas into our physical life. This is a key message. We have been living far too long in an over abundance of masculine energy which has brought about competition and winners and losers. What we need is more nurturing, connecting, and creative energy focused on oneness.

Old Shoes Or Stilts? It’s All Up To You Now

The guidance from the Universe is clear. We are intuitive beings that need to trust that the Universe has our back. 2021 is a year of getting in touch and keeping a pulse, an awareness, on our ever-changing self. It’s a year to pay attention to our triggers so we can finally let go of unhelpful patterns, old issues or wounds that are holding us back instead of blaming others or turning to quick fixes to cope. Finally, but of utmost importance, we’re being asked to shift into a new way of living—to listen and be guided from our intuition, our feminine energy. We all have it and can tap into it.

Why stilts instead of the same pair of those comfortable old shoes? Stilts help us to see from a higher place. From this more “enlightened” perspective, we can choose to walk through 2021 making conscious choices that will take us to a life that is perhaps more connected, fulfilling, and meaningful. Life is not without its challenges, but we always have choices. Stilts or stay in your worn out shoes? What will you do? What will you focus on—what drains you or energizes you? Will you choose to pay attention to your intuition or let your logical brain over rule? Try on those stilts and imagine what you will be able to say about your life by the end of 2021.