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What is Astrology

Astrology correlates how the alignment of the planets and the stars influences life on earth, including individuals. It has far more to offer than just knowing the common attributes of your zodiac sign. We are each born with certain energies that contributes to our uniqueness which helps us to pursue our life dreams. Imagine how wonderful it would be to know your purpose. Imagine knowing your strengths and weaknesses to give you clarity and direction. No need to suffer further when you can have understanding today. 

sidereal astrology

Most people are familiar with mainstream (Tropical) astrology. Tropical Astrology uses an adjusted system that does not use the actual location of the planets. The planets are adjusted to a theoretical position based on the seasons of the year.  Also, the constellations are divided equally into 30 degrees for each. In reality, each sign has varying degrees. 

Sidereal Astrology, on the other hand, is far more accurate.  

Natal Chart Reading

  • Identifies your challenges to overcome
  • Identifies your strengths
  • Identifies areas in your life that will require extra effort
  • Provides and overall sense of who you are
  • Helps you understand the why to the experiences you’ve had
  • Gives insight into your life’s purpose
Sidereal Astrology uses the actual position of the planets.  Why this is important is because over time the accumulation of the adjusted vs. actual system can change your zodiac sign. Sidereal Astrology also uses a thirteenth sign called Ophiuchus, and not the twelve signs of the Tropical system. 

See below for the differences between Sidereal and Tropical Sun Sign chart.

Zodiac Signs

Sidereal Astrology

Tropical Astrology














Apr 21 — May 12

May 13 — Jun 19

Jun 20 — Jul 16

Jul 17 — Aug 6

Aug 7 — Sep 14

Sep 15 — Nov 3

Nov 4 — Nov 22

Nov 23 — Dec 6

Dec 7 — Dec 18

Dec 19 — Jan 19

Jan 20 — Feb 13

Feb 14 — Mar 9

Mar 10 — Apr 20

21 March – 20 April

20 April – 21 May

21 May – 21 June

21 June – 23 July

23 July – 23 August

23 August – 23 September

23 September – 23 October

23 October – 22 November


23 November – 22 December

22 December – 20 January

20 January – 19 February

19 February – 21 March