Energy Healing & Reiki

Holistic Approach

Our Essence is energy

Energy bodies

As we know, we are made up of energy. Our bodies are made up of energy “hearts”  commonly known as the seven main chakras. Each of them is responsible for a particular part of the body, emotions, and mental health. When we experience emotional trauma, those feelings have energetic power and live within us. This is called “negative energy.”

Imagine what happens when we hold on to negative emotions. They become negative energy attached to a certain part of our body. Over time, that negative energy  becomes problematic. For examples, think of stress leading to headaches or digestive issues


The Aura

The aura is a personal electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and is connected to our physical bodies. As we know, everyone gives off an “energy” about them. This is thanks to the aura.

The aura is the outer reflection of the seven energy centers i.e. chakras. Think of each of them as part of a whole energy system –the chakras being the inner energy centers of the body and the aura being the outer energy.

The colors of the aura represent your overall wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical health) as well as your spiritual development.

Energy healing

Energy healing helps remove emotional memories that have turned into blocked energy within the body. This healing promotes old energies/memories to leave your body thus unlocking forgotten experiences and activating the body’s subtle energy systems (chakras) for self-healing. Think of it as traffic. You must remove the block in order for the traffic to move. By opening these energetic blocks, new energy can finally flow and heal.

Yoga, acupuncture, and reiki are examples of energy healing practices. Working with energy does not require the healer to be physically present.