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Understanding Spirituality is knowing that there is something bigger than the individual; that we are all connected to the Universe, Divine Source, or Higher Power. Leading a spiritual life requires work on oneself in order to experience and give unconditional acceptance for self and others. It means to live beyond just for ourselves. 

Practical Spirituality is the ability to apply and integrate spiritual laws and concepts into day-to-day physical life.

Spiritual Laws are, in essence, the manual of life. They provide the guidance to enlightenment, growth, and peace on all levels: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Spiritual Awakening is the “awakening” from the illusion that we are separate from each other or from Higher Power. Often, life turns upside down when an awakening happens. It marks the beginning of a transformation where you begin to feel that your life needs to have meaning beyond living just for self.

Dark Night of the Soul is a very intense and “dark” time as one goes through the breaking down of the ego that spearates self from others and Higher Power.  It is commonly marked by mental and/or physical issues and can be confused with a mental health diagnosis. The ultimate purpose of a Dark Night is remember who we really are: one with Source. 

The Inner Child is a part of us that got left behind due to trauma. Healing the inner child becomes a necessary part of a spiritual journey for many. Why? By finding and healing the parts that were left behind with deeply rooted wounds (mostly subconscious) you can find your way back to self-acceptance and wholeness. This is also known as Shadow Work.

Finding Purpose is what brings meaning and joy to our lives.  The challenges you have endured as well as your joyful times, your strengths, skills, gifts, and interests are all pieces of the puzzle to finding and living your purpose. No one else can live your purpose.  This is why we are all unique.

The Spiritual Trap happens when we enter a spiritual awakening and synchronicities emerge around us. In this situation, we can find ourselves in awe with the connection between body, soul, spirit, and the Universe. That connection creates a very strong need to share with others, to learn more, to go deeper, and to grow spiritually.  The trap is in the beginning stages of an awakening when one experiences a euphoria of a “high vibrational energy feeling” that you’ve found “IT.” In the excitement for more and more, you can lose yourself and detach too much from the physical world, creating dis-balance, isolation, and even delusions. This is not to be taken lightly. People have lost friends, family, jobs, and have become so idealistic that the spiritual journey becomes one of anger and intolerance.  If you experience any of this, we highly recommend that you reach out for help and support immediately!