Creative, intuitive, nurturing, relationship-centered—qualities associated with women. Can you imagine a world where these traits did not exist? Luckily, society has embraced and values these feminine attributes. Yet, sadly, they have also been relegated to being less important that the typical masculine qualities of getting things done—goal-oriented, logical, competitive, aggressive.

A little factual background for context. It is true that today, women have the most rights than ever before, but they are still not equal to men. The fight has been long and hard for equality. Just a little over 100 years ago, women finally won the right to vote. Do you know, however, that there is a proposed amendment to the Constitution titled “The 1972 Equal Right’s Amendment” that has yet to be ratified?  And even in these modern times, in 2020, women earned roughly 81 cents for every dollar that their male counterpart earned.

Now what? Let’s not focus on “what’s not.” Let’s empower “what is!” The questions are: What can YOU do without waiting for a march or some other big public event to occur to push forward. What can YOU do in your daily life to create and promote change? The answer: Become more like men! Hold on!!!! What???!!! Bear with us. What we mean is to tap into your masculine energy and assert yourself knowing that you got this and you no longer have to “submit” to the role that society has engrained as proper or acceptable.


Tap into the Masculine and Feminine Energy Within

The truth is, we all have masculine and feminine energies.  As previously mentioned, masculine energy is driven, goal oriented and competitive, while feminine is creative, intuitive, and relationship oriented. It’s been long thought that men and women embody only their respective masculine and feminine energies. This is not the case.  We all have both. The idea is to learn how to balance and tap into both. We are all just people, male or female, striving for the same thing. Let’s get out of the constricting messages that have been passed down from generation to generation of how we’re supposed to be.

Really, it IS okay for men to show emotion. That’s not a weakness. Really, it IS okay for women to assert themselves and drive for results (and rights). How many of you wish that your male partner/colleague/friend would show more emotion and compassion and listen instead jumping to problem solve? How many of you have wished your female partner/colleague/friend could compartmentalize to get things accomplished?

Imagine this:

  • A workplace where we collaborate and value each other’s thoughts and feelings. How wonderfully creative and innovative an environment that would be to find and implement solutions.
  • A family where each member can openly, but respectfully, share emotions, and also speak-up (assert) for what they want and need.
  • As a male, being able to cry, to express sadness, disappointment, or hurt and not have to stuff it and pretend you are just fine. You can do both—express, feel, and jump back on the saddle when it’s time.
  • As a female, being able to assertively speak up, to say no to unwanted comments or behaviors; to drive for results. Yes, tap into that masculine energy of yours and you can!

This is how change will happen.  When enough people, men and women alike, embrace and live daily from both feminine and masculine energies, we will have a society that is caring, compassionate, creative, innovative, respectful of all others, with solutions for all.