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Soothe yourself with the Hybrid Hatha/ Yin Yoga practice designed to heal your body, calm your mind, and connect with your internal wisdom. Class will start with a short meditation, warm up, and a couple of yoga flows with longer holds of the postures and deep breathing allowing you to reflect and adjust based on intuitive alignment cues, and listen to the intelligence of your body. The end of the class is dedicated to restorative postures where your body will receive benefits of different alignments while you are resting and connecting to yourself on a deeper level. You will leave feeling open, empowered, and relaxed.
About the Teacher: Radka Husanikova

Radka has been practicing yoga for several years. It became an integral part of her own journey of healing. Though initially intimidated by social media’s portrayal of yoga, she learned how to stand in her own power, to be fearless, and apologetic for who she was. Seeing the power of transformation that yoga can provide, she completed the 200-hour Hatha Yoga training in June of 2021 with a “tri-balanced” focus: Balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit. Her mission is to help others through yoga to likewise experience transformative healing and growth.

The fundamentals that guide her in each class she facilitates are gratitude, self-acceptance, and liberation from mental blocks and self-defeating attitudes. She creates sequences based on the specific intention behind the class. She also believes that the seriousness of yoga needs to be balanced with creating a feeling of relaxation and fun. Radka will also educate participants on different yoga philosophies in order to deepen one’s yoga practice.

In her own words: “My intention as a teacher is to hold space for my students—to encourage them to meet themselves where they are and use that time for themselves to take what they need from their practice. Those needs could be for health, stress relief, searching for an answer or just wanting to experience the weightlessness of the body, mind and spirit after an amazing session.”