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If you struggle with an inner critic, struggle with expressing yourself freely, or feelings of
isolation and low motivation, improv can help you immensely in breaking free from those
patterns. Improv comedy is a form of theater in which the players create their characters and
responses on the spot. Through working with others in the act of spontaneous creativity, people
often find themselves escaping their fears of what others may think. The result is an increased
sense of joy, creative inspiration, and sense of belonging.

If the thought of performing improv frightens you, you are not alone. Many people feel
threatened by the idea of being put on the spot in front of others, most likely from unpleasant
experiences where they were unfairly judged in the past. The point of doing improv is not to
impress anyone or be the funniest person in the room. The environment of improv is an
incredibly supportive one where we work together to create a fun and freeing platform for self
exploration and expression. The essence of improv is a rule we call “yes and…”, which implies
dropping judgement and responding to your partner positively and affirmingly. Belonging to a
community of people who support and affirm each other has profound healing effects on the
wellbeing of a person. Research has shown that the practice of improv comedy is directly linked
to reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Improv for Joy is lead by licensed counselor Justin Fink, who studied improv comedy at
the Improv Olympics in Chicago, Illinois and has experienced the profound therapeutic effects of
improv, from reducing the fear of rejection and trusting one’s intuition. Justin is committed to
maintaining a safe environment where actors can find their voice, support one another, and
most importantly, experience the lightness of fun and belonging. Combining classic improv
games and prompts with psychotherapeutic insight, participants will be guided through activities
which will help explore expression, emotional acceptance, mindfulness, and self compassion.

  • Open to anyone ages 18+.
  • Absolutely no acting or improv experience necessary.
  • This is an open group, you are welcome to join us whenever you want!
  • Groups will be held every Tuesday, starting June 21st, at 7:00pm.
  • Blue Cross PPO accepted.
  • Out of pocket charge is $20.00.

If this group sounds right for you, feel free to contact Justin Fink at Justin@ealcounseling.com.