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If you’ve ever wondered what a pendulum is and what to do with it, this is the class for you. You will gain fundamental knowledge that will give you the ability to use the pendulum by the time you leave. You’ll know how to connect with your pendulum, what it can be used for, how to ask the right questions, and more.

About the teacherAbout the teacher:

Ana has had the ability to communicate with spiritual guides from a very early age. These guides and the universe taught her how to work with energy for healing. She also received the gift of being able to channel information from the universe and her guides to know what is specifically needed for her clients’ energy, body spirit healing, and their meaning in life. Trained in yoga and reiki level 3, and as a high vibrational energy healer, she is able to balance the chakras thus allowing the body to heal itself. By removing energetic blockages that have accumulated in the body from negative life experiences, you create a positive vibration. This allows doorways to open, freeing you to be your most powerful and authentic self.