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Chakras are the main body energy centers. They are connected to our life force – Qi or Prana. If you are experiencing emotional or physical symptoms, that means that your chakras/energy centers are out of balance.

In this class, you will learn the connection between specific chakras and the emotions that your body is holding on to leading to your mental/physical symptoms. There will be a guided meditation to help balance your chakras. Emotions that arise will be processed in a safe and compassionate environment to release and heal from them.

INSURANCE MAY BE ACCEPTED – check with your insurance company if they cover group sessions. We are networked with BCBS PPO and United Health Care/Optum

About the teachers:

Lisa and Ana joined together because of their shared vision of bringing authentic happiness to anyone whose life they could touch. They combine their knowledge and skills of psychology, spiritual practices and energy work to identify and remove emotional blockages that are often at the root of mental and/or physical issues. Liberated from these emotional blocks, one is finally free to consciously create a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful; to become your most authentic and best self.