Fast Tracking To Your Most Magnificent & Empowered Self!
Bridging Psychotherapy And Metaphysics

Nowadays, everything happens so fast. We want everything to happen yesterday.  In keeping up with the times, here you go! Presenting our Fast Track Program—therapy on steroids; fast moving, dynamic, life changing! The fast track fuses psychotherapy with astrology, channeling, and energy healing in a powerful and transformational combination. Are you ready for change? Do you have an openness to learn with the dedication it takes to create the life you want? If you answered yes, we invite you to take the next step to reaching and experiencing your most magnificent and empowered self.


Lisa uses all the psychotherapy tools, strategies, and theories to break free of patterns and beliefs that prevent you from fully enjoying your life. Though very effective, imagine what it would be like if a therapist also had the blue print that gave immediate insight into your personality and life experiences. Enter the power of Astrology.


Astrology, specifically a natal chart reading which is based on your day, time, and place of birth, has far more to offer than just knowing the common traits of your zodiac sign. Think of it as a supped up Myers Briggs Personality Assessment. Your reading will identify challenges to overcome, your strengths and areas of development, the parts of your life that require extra effort (e.g., relationships, career, self-reliance, health, finances), and an overall sense of who you are and what you’re being pulled to learn and do i.e., your life’s purpose. With this blue print in hand, imagine being able to  hone in to the specific circumstances that have limited your full potential. Enter psychic a.k.a channeling abilities.


Mediums and psychics bring i.e., channel messages from “the other side.” Ana’s psychic gift is quite specific and the information she channels from Spirit Guides is targeted to crack open and reveal the hidden origins of your particular problems. This insight saves weeks or months of therapy as we can quickly laser focus on implementing the right interventions to uproot and release you from the entangled patterns of thinking, feeling and doing that have led you to the less-than-ideal state you are in today. But for even faster change, enter energy healing!

Energy Healing

Opening up energy centers (chakras) in the body is the goal behind yoga, acupuncture, acupressure, and the popular practice of reiki. Ana’s gift of energy healing gives her the ability to move and open up energetic blocks even if she is not physically present. What does this mean practically? As energy flows, you will be able to recall and process repressed traumatic or negative life experiences. Most importantly, you will begin feeling a shift towards a positive and lighter emotional state as the suppressed old energy is also finally released. This generally happens within 1 to 4 sessions of the fast track.

The Program Details

Not to worry. Nothing weird or “woo-woo” will happen. The sessions will feel like a typical therapy session, but the insight and emotional shifts will be….yes, faster! The Fast Track program begins with an initial series of 5 weekly sessions for the best results. You can choose to continue another series if further progress is desired or needed. Frequency of ongoing sessions will vary depending on your particular circumstances.

Your Financial Investment

The cost of the program is $875.00. Insurance benefits may be utilized depending on your insurance and the state you reside. The non-insurance portion is approximately $240 – $300 depending on your insurance. We currently are networked with BCBS PPO and United Healthcare/Optum.

Your Work Investment

You will be given “homework” between sessions that align with the “work” that is needed to move you forward. All recommendations will be based on what has been uncovered. You will also be given the practical steps to successfully complete the task. The entire experience will be a collaborative effort.

The Outcome You Can Expect

How quickly and how far you transform will be all up you. There are no limits to you empowering you. It can be very challenging, but we promise that if you invest in the process, you will experience the light on the other side. What we can say is that every client who has participated in this program unearths the root cause(s) to their issues and experiences a shift in understanding, perspective, and emotions that propels them towards resolution, freedom, and lightness.
Call us at 224-801-1779 or contact us at for any questions or to reserve your spot. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to your most magnificent and empowered self!


I am beyond fortunate to have met Ana and Lisa. The energy and passion that they bring to every session is motivating and inspiring! Their Fast Track program is an excellent way for someone looking to start making changes in their life as quickly as possible. Combining their skillsets of traditional psychology with spiritual and energy healing, makes for an incredibly effective, and powerful method to get you on the right track as quickly as possible. Whether it be finding motivation, improving oneself, or simply getting out of that funk, the Fast Track program will help guide you in the right direction. I always leave my sessions feeling motivated and “Empowered”! It’s changed my life!

Corey M.

Empowered. Authentic. LIVING! This is the dynamic duo you need in your life! I started seeing Lisa back when she was part of another practice and have continued seeing her with this new venture. When they are paired together (the Ana and Lisa Fast Track program) there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. They’ve helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed or thought possible. If you truly want to live your best life this is the team for you. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have found these two and all of the wonderful things they’ve helped me to discover about myself. Looking forward to years of continued personal growth and getting everything this life has to offer. Do yourself a favor and get on board…you won’t believe what’s in store for you! Thank you again and always Lisa and Ana for all that you have done…much luck and continued success with E.A.L


Working the fast track with Ana and Lisa has given me a better understanding of the role our universe has in our being. Ana and Lisa have a way of hearing and understanding what they need to, to make the path to wellness easier to understand.


I feel so fortunate to have connected with Lisa and Ana. Their ability to combine traditional therapy with astrology and metaphysical knowledge is incredible. This fast track method is a great way to begin healing and making changes in your life as quickly as possible. Lisa and Ana are kind, thoughtful, respectful, and understanding, all the qualities needed to transform you into a strong and empowered person. I am so very grateful for all they have done for me during a very difficult time of multiple challenges!


The fast track program for me was exactly that—a fast track to growth and healing. With Ana’s channeling, they brought to light lots of areas of healing without me even needing to tell them anything. The metaphysics of this healing really helped me grasp the here and now. They gave me understanding of my life from both a spiritual a psychological perspective. The amount of growth that I have made since starting the program is all the ascension I could have hoped for. Ana and Lisa are very empathetic and loving. I will be continuing the program as long as they will be providing it!


Literally – Lisa and Ana push – help you to move toward “empowered and authentic living” – life changing experience – hard work on both sides – very powerful!!