Justin Fink, LPC

Do you experience stress, anxiety, feelings as though something vital is missing from your life experience? As human beings blessed with overactive minds, we spend a great deal of mental and emotional energy trying to satisfy two deeply rooted assumptions: that we, and life, are not enough. Seeing the world through this lens, we create self-defeating behaviors, hoping that if we stress ourselves enough, if we beat ourselves up enough, we can one day be who we think we should be. This rejection of ourselves as we are now and heavy emphasis on the future is a common source of depression and anxiety. The good news it can be unlearnt.

Deep down we already possess the strength and wisdom needed to live deeply satisfying, fulfilling, and joyful lives. The key is being present with ourselves, watching how our past-born thoughts and emotions function. Once we realize how these old tape loops no longer serve us, we can let them go. We then start to make inspired decisions for ourselves.


Justin is a certified Reiki Master and teacher. Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing which helps remove long standing emotional blocks and purify the body’s energy system. If a client is interested, Justin can deliver Reiki throughout their sessions, either while talking or more directly, targeting the body’s chakras and fast tracking the emotional release necessary for growth. Reiki can be delivered at a distance or in person, given the client’s comfort level. As a teacher, Justin is always willing to teach his client’s how to use Reiki for themselves, offering lessons and attunements to open them up to receive Reiki energy.


Justin offers his clients unflinching compassion and patience as they work together to create lasting happiness in their lives. Justin sees the therapeutic relationship as one of the most important elements for growth and stays consistently invested in the client’s well being, offering wisdom, non-judgment, and humor to help maintain trust and understanding.


Often in life, the pains of loneliness move us into connecting with forces higher than ourselves. From a spiritual perspective, this is the divine purpose to human suffering. It is our birthright to find ourselves in a place of peace, love, and deep connection with all of life. Justin is here to help you integrate these principles into your life. Using intuition and an empathic understanding of your needs, Justin will offer personal suggestions for mindfulness based techniques and practices to further strengthen your spiritual growth.


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