Depression, anxiety, panic attacks! Don’t want to go to work; don’t want to talk to anyone; feeling like everything is falling apart; don’t feel like you belong. What’s going on???? What do you do? Doctor? ER? Therapist? Psychiatrist? Spiritual Coach? Does it matter who you see?

Yes!!! Most definitely. Who you see will determine what “treatment” you should receive. It is important to know whether the symptoms you are experiencing are a mental health concern or whether you are going through a spiritual awakening. This can be indistinguishable to an untrained person. A job loss, for example, could cause you to feel depressed and anxious due to the circumstances. On the other hand, it could also be the catalyst to a spiritual awakening also causing depression and anxiety.

The key difference in knowing what you are dealing with is to ask one single, but the most important question: Are you feeling like there must be something more important that you should be doing in life, something that is way bigger than taking care of you. If the answer is yes, you are most likely experiencing a spiritual awakening.

To a mental health provider who is not aware of the phenomenon of a spiritual awakening, you will be treated with the typical tools – medication and/or some typical psychological theories of therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, for examples). To a provider who is aware, a far different approach would be used. Medication would probably not be the go to and may even be detrimental. The guidance would also concentrate on educating you on spiritual ascension, the dark night of the soul, dealing with the ego/matrix and sitting with your feelings. Huge difference!

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