I am so very sorry. Please forgive me.
I don’t mean to hurt you, but you haven’t heard me.
All I had left was a few last breaths.
I have exhaled the most potent message I had left.
You haven’t noticed tears streaming from my glaciers
Or when I’ve stamped my feet shaking and creating fissures.
I’ve delivered destructive weather, seemingly so unfair
Billions in damage, language I hope you’d hear.
All I’ve ever wanted is to love and support you.
Wrap you in comfort, safe from the night dew
To Nourish with sustenance the vessel of your soul
For black or white, rich or poor, the young or the old.
Oceans and streams, majestic mountains to explore
Sunsets, rainbows, flowers and colors galore.
These are my gifts for your time on my land
Given from a heart bursting with love and an open hand.
But now I can barely flex a muscle.
My light, my air, fades slowly from your hustle and bustle
I am ladened with smog, clinging to stay afloat
Please someone help me; I’m on life support.
As my sight grows dim and I can hardly hear
Am I delirious, or is there a whiff of fresh air?
My God! Melodic sounds of birds that sing and a sneaking glimpse of the sun!
Hallelujah and thank you, my healing has begun!
From Mother Earth
Lisa Aranas
April, 2020