Rae Magnani


I appreciate you taking the time to read this; what brought you to this page (whether I am a match for you or not) is your strength, the inclination to invest in yourself, and be hopeful. I hope you can take a moment to acknowledge this; I do.

Rae is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and has had the pleasure of working in the field of mental health for the past decade + in a variety of settings. Rae is currently in the process of becoming a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, in her advanced year of the program. Rae has a passion for helping people move through and release experiences of trauma, working in finding connectivity and authenticity as it means to you, and be more accepting of yourself and your needs. Rae works with adolescents, transitioning age/young adults, and adults across the life span.


I believe an important foundation of my work is to know the uniqueness and strengths that exist within every person I work with. Our work together should be individualized and collaborative. And as in any relationship, the fit does matter and our dynamic needs to be right for you.  

Trusting and connected relationships with my clients are integral to me. What you can expect from me is a caring, non-judgmental, casual but professional realness, and likely some quirky humor. Despite the serious nature of what we may be working through, or perhaps because of it, I also believe there needs to be space for lightness, fun, creativity, and curiosity.


I recognize many of you reading this have talked through your experiences and story at length, and although some relief or healing has happened, you know there have been some missing parts to your journey or the issues and feelings keep coming back.

    I recognize all parts of your experience and hope to help you recognize this too by showing you ways to be more present. Present to things like what you may be avoiding, not aware of, or are struggling to access. Mindfulness and learning about being present and not hyper focused or attached on thoughts, particularly those that no longer serve us, is something I’d love to share with you and is a foundation of all work I focus on with my clients.


I also focus on and help you become more aware of your body and what it is holding on to and needing. Your body knows how to resolve some of what you hold; we will work together to figure out ways to allow it.

  Research has shown how body focused strategies can provide more benefits along with psychotherapy, than talk therapies alone. These interventions focus on body, movement, physiology, exercise, breath, our organs and nervous system, and this is something we can incorporate into our work together.

   If you have been in traditional thought based and talk therapy before, our sessions will feel different. And it might just be that extra piece you’ve been searching for.


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