If you’re reading this article, it probably means that you are already somewhere on a spiritual path or experiencing a spiritual awakening. Welcome! We will explain what a spiritual path is, a spiritual awakening, then tie it all to COVID-19.

Many have asked what exactly is a spiritual path. The simplest way to describe it is that it’s a path to experiencing “heaven on earth;” at least the concept of heaven. We envision it as a world in which each person is treated with respect and compassion; a world where we recognize that we are “one.” Indeed, this virus is showing us in no uncertain terms that we are all in this together. Our lives are intertwined with each other, not just with family and friends, but globally. At no other time has each individual ever needed to work together for the greater good of all than now.

COVID-19 is showing us where we have huge problems in our world, the disparities, and the dire consequences: Health care, inability to pay bills, death. It’s all over the news. Imagine, instead, a global society where hunger was not an issue; where no one had to pick between health or food or shelter, or education. Imagine a society where we didn’t have to legislate minimum wages for the grocery store workers who are working hard right now. Imagine a society where life on the land and in our waters weren’t suffering from the hands of human actions. Imagine a world of no man-made suffering where, instead, we took care of each other and our planet. Heavenly?

Fortunately, many are and have been working towards this goal. It’s not all doom and gloom in this crisis. In times like these, many step up from an abundance of compassion to give a lending hand to those in need. They are driven by an inherent need to do something to help. There is a “pull” to do something from the heart that is far greater than for oneself. This is the spiritual path. And get this; even though spirituality is rooted in the belief that there is a higher power, it’s not necessary to embrace this to feel the “pull.”

Now to explaining what a spiritual awakening is. It’s a time when you are “awakened” from being satisfied with your life as you’ve known it. Sometimes, a catalyst, an experience that upends you—like getting a cancer diagnosis or facing a huge loss, initiates it. Sometimes, it can happen quite spontaneously. You can literally go to sleep one day, and the next morning, you wake up completely unhappy or anxious. You get a feeling that “there’s got to be more to life than this.” It’s the “pull” to do something beyond you. It’s your spiritual awakening, the beginning of your spiritual path.

When one starts on a spiritual path, almost always, there’s a lot of emotional turmoil. Why? Because you are being compelled to take a deep look into yourself and work through anything from your past or present that limits you. You are also being forced to re-evaulate what matters most to you. This self “work” will free you to show up in the world from a different perspective—to do whatever your heart desires to satisfy the pull.

This is the opportunity that COVID-19 presents. We are being forced to endure extremely difficult circumstances and this is when the most growth can occur as we rise to the challenge. Now, more than ever, if you aren’t already, you will begin to redefine your values and priorities. Eventually, you will come to realize what’s most important and meaningful—connection with others and sharing your gifts, skills and passions for the betterment of our society. Coincidentally, do you know what the field of Positive Psychology says brings long-term happiness? You guessed it! Real connection with others, and doing something that is meaningful and purposeful.