Empowering Your Soul

The “Empowering Your Soul” cards deck is a simple to use tool that brings awareness to what you need to work on for the growth you seek. Think of this self-help deck as your personal Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, or Therapist offering gentle, yet truthful suggestions for you to achieve your goals, whether in relationships, career, spiritual enlightenment or any other areas in your life. In fact, the creation of the cards was born from Ana’s and Lisa’s desire to support their clients’ healing and transformation beyond their therapy doors.

77 Spiritual Working Cards

These cards incorporate principles of Spirituality, Psychology, Energy, and Astrology to provide holistic wisdom for your mind, body, and soul. With each card you draw, you will find that it resonates with some aspect of you that is particular to the guidance you are seeking. Some cards may affirm that you are on the right path; some may inspire or challenge you to new horizons. Others, on the other hand, may reveal less obvious areas for you to work on. 


The deck comes with a booklet of instructions on how to use the cards.  Each card brings an easy to understand message and can also be quickly referenced to a page in the booklet for broader and more thought-provoking information. The more you work with them, the more understanding and insight you will gain.


Whether you want to use these cards for simple guidance or for a deeper pursuit of your personal enlightenment and empowerment, this is the tool for you.  Purchase your cards here: LINK