Thank you so much for a great insightful session. I really do think that the universe works in ways to bring people together. The services you and Ana offer are very unique and much needed in this world. You both have such wonderful gifts and I am so grateful to have been helped by both of you. Thank you so much for everything you do! Know what you do matters and our talk really affected how I view a lot of things.

M. W.,

Working with Lisa and then with Ana has made a huge impact in my life and my personal and spiritual growth. Lisa’s intelligent, insightful, no nonsense approach is beyond supportive. She is everything I could ever want in someone on my team. My time with Ana was magical, expansive, and spiritually educational. Ana’s artful spiritual coaching has been the perfect addition to my Journey.

L.M. , Buffalo Grove, IL.

“Relaxing, rejuvenating, and very productive.

When I first started seeing Lisa, I was not ready to take charge of my life. I had so many walls put up and was truly lost in my life due to many childhood traumas. Lisa made it easy to relax and open myself to a path of improved mental clarity. Each session reinforced the previous one. During my time with her, I was able to begin to heal and see my true self and hear my authentic voice. The work is hard at times but very well worth it.

Lisa recommended that I also see Ana. I felt a little out of my comfort zone when she first brought this up as I usually deal with facts. I did not understand that there is a true connection of self and the universe. I’ve always been a man of logic and reason. Every time I have a session with Ana, a powerful space is created that flows into my day, week, and month. The space is of high energy and consciousness that I can feel with my heart and my interaction with the world.

I honestly believe that the universe brought Lisa and Ana into my life when I needed them the most. I have been able to dig down into the layers of my life and to start to align myself with my true intentions. Their guidance and knowledge has kept me honest to myself. Their ability to reflect upon my words and allow me understand them has helped guide me to true self-awareness. They have opened my eyes and heart to a whole new world of self-awareness, mindfulness, and a sense of peace that has made a profound and positive difference in my life.

I would highly recommend their practice to anyone who would like a kind, confident counseling experience that will make a difference in your physical energy and mental awareness.”

C.C., Rolling Meadows, Illinois

I have struggled with depression almost my entire life but never used the help of a therapist until a major life event happened to me: painful divorce from the love of my life. I will skip the details but for me it felt like I had to die and be reborn again. Not easy to do in your 50’s.

I was fortunate to have met Lisa after several unsuccessful attempts at trying to find the right therapist for me. I was blown away by her integrity and sincere desire to help. She literally held my hands during difficult times and helped me learn how to live my life and rebuild myself from scratch. During this journey there were several times when I was ready to give up but because of her patience and consistent support, I was able to reach the finish line and completely claim my life back. Without any doubt, I would not have been able to do it without her help.

At some point, though I was no longer struggling with depression, I felt that something was missing for some unknown reason. It seemed to me that I was having an existential crisis. I was running in circles whilst trying to find my purpose in life when Lisa recommended that I meet her friend, Ana, a spiritual teacher and energy healer.

I was full of hope but was a little bit disappointed after our first session. Even though Ana radiated very good energy I did not like the message that had been given to me. She told me that first I must learn to love and take care of myself before I can discover my purpose. Honestly, I was thinking that being altruistic and taking care of others by sacrificing my own needs was something honorable, and the idea that this quality was stopping me from finding my purpose in life was disheartening. I had already worked on this issue with Lisa, but I was stubborn and was not able to proceed too far.

Still being skeptical I joined the meet up group “Bridging Psychology and Spirituality” where I was introduced to “Four Pillars for Happiness” – the system created by Ana and Lisa based on their respective knowledge of spirituality and psychology. Pillar Number One according to this system is “Unconditional love and Acceptance of Yourself”. The co-authors hosted interesting meetings where people were able to learn the system, share their life stories and participate in interesting discussions.

Somewhere around this time I had an additional session with Ana where she performed a charka cleaning. She was satisfied with the results by claiming that I was in a “clean slate”. Really? So fast? It is me being skeptical again… not for too long this time though. Something started happening in my life, small changes every day, and soon, my life long motto to take care of everyone else’s needs vanished, giving me liberation and freedom.

Until recently, my life had been dedicated entirely to running down the endless TO DO list and putting check marks next to problems that were not mine but had been resolved by me. Now I can enjoy every day, performing one task of my choice at a time. I would say I am practicing “reasonable egoism” and what is important, is that instead of feeling guilty for being selfish, I have the moral satisfaction for giving other people the opportunity to grow. I suddenly discovered the meaning of the saying, “You cannot love others without loving yourself first”. This was incomprehensible and sounded like complete nonsense to me before…. I can literally feel my brain starting to get rewired…..

This is just the beginning of my journey. I am planning and looking forward to continuing working with Lisa and Ana. I sincerely believe that this unique, spiritually psychological synergy has a big future, destined for success and can deliver anyone interested to the final destination: Living the Meaningful and Purposeful life.

M.N., Naperville, IL

As we all embark upon new journeys in life, we always look for the most realistic way to achieve it. I have been fortunate to come across two amazing woman that have enlightened me and helped my son achieve that for us.

I was referred to Lisa Aranas, from a teacher in my son’s school. She knew I was looking for someone to assist me in a more natural and healthier approach for healing and supporting. However, I had no idea how or where to go anymore to guide him. Needing answers was a must at this point in our lives. Medicating him was a necessity. I wanted more for him, just not sure how to go about getting that of him.

That is how Lisa fits into this puzzle. Lisa gave me all of what I was looking for and much more. She was able to work with him so he understood himself, how he worked, why he felt or didn’t feel things. Found out what we were actually dealing with. My son has ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Low self-esteem. With answers now, we can move forward in treating and working towards limited or no medications.

One thing he learned from Lisa, is accountability. NO matter what happens during the time we don’t see her, he will always have to face the music when he does. Our experience with her has been invaluable. She has gotten all the answers for me that I wanted, but has even out done herself yet another time.

During my time with Lisa, not only has my son has grown leaps and bounds, but so have I. She has helped rebuild the faith again in why we all need somebody to guide us through things. Feeling like we needed to add another step for him, she suggested we move towards a natural direction of healing and recommended my son see Ana.

While I had never experienced a “Healer” before, I was open and excited to see what could be done or seen. Knowing my son internalizes his emotions, I was curious to see how this would work for him or myself since I totally believe in spirits.

Ana was kind, warm, sweet and so welcoming. Her room felt like a safe haven with a sense of calm that I hadn’t experience before. As I always do, I had many question for her and she was excited to answer them and explained so many things to my son and myself as the was working on him. Her energy that she uses to heal you comes from the universe. As that may sound unique, possibly odd, it makes so much sense when you are with her. She shows you while still working on you as to how it works.

Fascinated to say the least, my son was experiencing different feelings as she was working on him as so did I. He felt tingling in his head as I felt burning in my stomach. Her energy was so strong, that I was actually being healed as well as my son. Having had cancer in the lining of stomach, I still have some concerns. Another thing she knew nothing about before hand. It was so crazy, my son was the patient not me.

She worked on my son’s stomach problems and his headaches. She picked up on both of those immediately. Nothing was said to her about how he internalizes his emotions. It was very clear for her. She also was able to help him release a past life and move forward with another fear of his. It was like Christmas in his body, receiving all these amazing gifts.

After one session, my son was able to release most of these negative ailments and show himself for who he really is. The very amazing part was, my son woke up the next day saying he felt “great”. He never woke up feeling that good and surely that strong. Not only was the opportunity overwhelming and exceptional, I have made appointments for the rest of my family to see her. My son will be going back, but this time, she will be working on his ADHD.

Thank you Lisa and Ana for the gifts you have given my son. Helping him feel better about himself and teaching him how to utilize all the gifts we are given. As a parent, nothing in the world would stop me from finding the stars to help one of my children. You ladies made that happen for me. Form the bottom of my heart, thank you both!

Erica H.,

I had extreme insomnia for 10 years with migraines 2-3 times a week. I also had hemiplegic migraines every month lasting at times 2 weeks, and the recovery took 2 more weeks. Hemiplegic migraines are similar to a stroke where it’s hard to breathe, speak, swallow, hard to walk, you have loss of strength, and dizziness. I was basically incapacitated for months at a time. I was an invalid at 44 years old. I had chronic pain throughout my body, stress and anxiety and bouts of depression from emotional stress.

Needless to say, I was a mess. I had seen many doctors, but they could never figure out what was causing this breakdown in my body. Ana came into my life and healed every symptom in 2 treatments. I have slept 8-12 hours every night since, and only experience a migraine once a month. My hemiplegic migraines, I am thrilled to say, are gone completely!

Now I wake up excited to see what the new day will bring. I live in each moment and feel pure joy. I never thought these emotions would ever be possible for me. I went from living in a very dark place to feeling elation and peace. Ana’s willingness to listen and her beautiful, kind nature was so wonderful. She is truly a gifted listener and, more importantly, a blessed healer. I cannot say enough. She gave me my life back. I am truly forever grateful for her. My hope is that anyone out there confused and perhaps in pain will take the moment you are given and contact Ana. You will not regret it.

Julie Bentle,

It is my pleasure to recommend Ana. I came to know Ana over the last year as she helped me overcome personal blockages which were holding me back. Ana distinguished herself as a knowledgeable and well researched person that gave me great confidence in her abilities.

Overall, I feel that she is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills. She always gives particularly interesting discussions that are educational and informative. Ana has excellent communication skills. She is both clear and concise. She always explains her views and gives supporting ideas that were both clear and persuasive.

I feel that Ana went well beyond her course description and always found time to address my personal needs while she helped me through many difficult situations. Ana is always interested and motivated to help me with her material, but more importantly she always offers her own experience and ideas which positively effected my growth.

I am a better person for knowing her. Ana is empathic, kind and supportive. I would recommend her highly to anyone that needs a clear path, a gentle push and some motivation.

Edward Katz,

I have struggled with chronic kidney disease for over 5 years. There are no medications, which could truly reverse the process. Therefore, I had to search for alternative therapy. Ana helped me tremendously and I will be forever grateful. Just after 3 treatments sessions, my kidney function had improved without changing anything else in my lifestyle. My creatinine numbers have improved from 1.2 to 0.9 in a matter of 3 months. No side effects!. I highly recommend Ana”s approach and therapy! She gave me back hope for healthy future pregnancy! Thank you!

DR. Eleonora Cekova,

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for metastatic prostate cancer. With a low red blood cell count it is imperative that I do everything possible to maintain my energy and avoid infection.
My situation has led me to receive weekly energy therapy treatments from Ana.They last one hour and I palpably feel more energized after each session. I am very pleased with the results and have confidence in her care knowing my health is her ongoing priority.

Mark H.,

Ana is a beautiful soul and gifted healer. Through her intuition and spiritual sight, she has helped me to remove energetic blockages and bring healing to my body.