It’s easy to be grateful and enjoy positive emotions that you experience when you fall in love, or are appreciated, or when you take a nice peaceful stroll, or when you accomplish something big, or you just got a big raise.  You get the idea.

On the other hand, what happens when someone says or does something that makes you angry, or sad, or resentful, or makes you feel worthless?  The first thing we want to do is get upset with that person.  Sometimes, we lash back at them, or we shut down, or get defensive.

Let’s take a look at this through the eyes of the universe.  First of all, the universe (aka creator, God, higher power) loves us unconditionally just the way we are.  Moreover, the universe is not out to get us.  Merely, it is bringing us a gift – an opportunity for us to look within and discover what is being triggered by that other person. 

When we take the perspective that this is something about ourselves, we have the chance to identify what is being triggered within us.  It will be something old that we thought we had dealt with and/or something that was not in our conscious awareness. Something that was buried comes alive.

Once we have this awareness, we can chose to either stuff it back down or finally work on it and allow ourselves to be free of the baggage from the past that no longer serves us.

Here’s an example. The other day, my friend mentioned that I don’t follow through on things.  My immediate reaction was to want to defend myself and prove that she is wrong.  Instead, I followed my three second rule which is to take at least three seconds before responding knowing that I can make a conscious choice on how I would like to react. I decided to look within and recognized that this is something that I am still working on. She had just triggered that particular issue in me and brought it to my attention. That’s the gift from the universe. The universe put it up close and personal for me to see.  Instead of being upset with my friend, I chose to commit to working on resolving this.  Remember, the universe does not give us anything that we are not ready to take on.  And in case you are wondering what I said in response, it was; “fine you’re right.”  Gulp!!! 

So the next time someone triggers a negative emotion in you, thank the universe for this wonderful gift it has just given you.  You got this!!!