As a therapist, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating several groups, giving space for all types of people to come together and help each other process their stresses. As well, I am a member of a men’s group which has been meeting weekly for almost two years now, founded on the principles of living through the lens of our highest selves. Throughout my experiences working with groups, I’ve witnessed some profound moments of connection and transformation, of which is simply not possible through individual therapy.

When people come together in a space where they can let themselves be seen, a sense of shared experience naturally emerges. In our daily lives, our egos often compare us to others and, when we are in a rough patch, it’s easy to feel inferior or struggle to keep up. The fact is, life is full of challenges and most of us deal with unnecessarily negative minds. Through the group experience, we start to realize that, though our problems vary in intensity and name, we are all alike at our core; all worthy individuals dealing with the shadows of our personalities from time to time. This understanding helps in reducing the special loneliness our egos depend on, which often makes us feel like we are separate and isolated from the rest of the world.

Another powerful factor of the group experience has to do with the uniqueness we all have to offer one another. Each of us has been shaped by life in specific ways, endowing us with different perspectives, skills, and personality traits. When any group is formed, each member has their own special magic to offer others, and these elements form together to create a very special channel for healing. The group helps us realize how important we are, teaching us to honor the wisdom and energy we bring to the table. It also teaches us the power of compassion of how great it feels to support and hold space for others. When a person lays bare their shadow in the face of such united intention, the healing which occurs is nothing short of profound.

Justin offers his clients unflinching compassion and patience as they work together to create lasting happiness in their lives. Learn more about him here.