When you are given the chance to try something new or you are in a difficult situation and you start feeling doubtful about yourself and your abilities, how do you respond? Do you tend to shy away from challenges because you are quick to put yourself down? Does this process frustrate you? Do you want to change for the better?

            That is where the power of self-affirmation and visualization comes in. When you catch yourself feeling down or doubtful about whether you will be able to accomplish something or not, start with a positive affirmation. It can sound like, “I am capable of handling much because I have come so far” or “I am able to adapt to challenging situations and I will not give up.” It also helps to visualize what you are going to do before doing something. Visualizing what you are going to do helps you better achieve what needs to be done. Give it a try!

            Imagine you are standing on a clock. You are facing 12. Turn the top half of your body to the right with your left arm reaching across your right arm till you hit 6. Now instead of turning your body immediately, visualize yourself doing it. Now do just that – turn the top half of your body to the right and stretch your left arm across your left shoulder. Your left arm should be able to exceed 6. That is the power of visualization! Now pair visualizing with positive self-affirmations and you have increased motivation, confidence, coordination, and concentration!

            If you struggle with self-affirmations, here are some affirmations you can mindfully recite and manifest as you start your day:

I am resilient.
I am strong.
I am brave.
I am courageous.
I am capable.
I am beautiful.
I am intelligent.
I am caring.
I am loving.
I am lovable.
I am a hard worker.
I am able to contribute.
I am not my failures.
I am not my weaknesses.
I am not my fears.
I am not my worries.
I am not my doubts.
I am not my insecurities.
I am not dumb.
I am not selfish.
I am not hateful.
I am not despised.
I am not lazy.
I am not worthless.

Amanda has had domestic abuse training for a year and is a certified Domestic Violence Professional in Illinois. Learn more about her here.