Are you fed up, angry, worried, or loosing hope by all the daily “breaking news?” Do you feel like you’re a ping-pong ball getting batted back and forth in an old tiring game of who has the paddle? Do you wonder if there is even an out?

A look into history shows that then, like now, there is always some group (or groups) fighting for more freedom, more access or more opportunity. The only differences are the players, the causes, and the tools (from sticks and stones to money and words). But this time, something IS different.

In the midst of it all, I’m excited and encouraged to see that there are people who are waking up i.e., “awakening” and recognizing that the game of life as we’ve known it is no longer acceptable. It’s a broken system. But what is the answer? Is there even one? Are we just doomed to oppression and limitation by the human condition where greed, selfishness, and competition will always be? Where there will always be winners and losers? The answer—a resounding NO!!!! Even better and paramount, the answer lies within you! Yes, you! You hold the power!

A few days ago, while washing my dishes, a rush of thoughts flooded over me. I swear it felt like my body was starting to vibrate with some crazy energy ready to burst out. I hastily finished and got in front of my laptop so I could download what was gushing through. My fingers could barely keep up with the flow of words that were appearing on my screen. By the time I was done, it was a profound message. (I learned later from Ana, my “gifted with psychic abilities” business partner, that this is “automatic writing.” Old hat to her, but definitely not the usual way the Universe talks to me).

A word of warning: It’s pretty straightforward, if not brutally honest. Not my normal style of communicating, but I didn’t want to mess with the message. Here it is:

 Channeled Message —The True Freedom We Are Fighting For

“Like it or not, aware or not, your country is facing an existential crisis. Let’s call it what it is and stop beating around the bush. It’s a spiritual crisis. And whether they know it or not, they are having what we call a spiritual awakening. This is when they start to recognize that they are no longer satisfied with the way life is. They are no longer willing to fall into line and be the robots of what has been put before them generations upon generations before. No. People are waking up to the need to do something far greater than themselves. No longer driven by the self-serving needs of the ego, filling their homes and lives with physical luxuries and “needs” that are far beyond what we truly need in life to have enough comfort and safety to pursue that which will truly fill our tanks and bring meaningfulness, joy, fulfillment in life. THAT is what we are seeking. True happiness, not distorted happiness. The distortion that has led to an abundance of power and control, of haves and have nots, manipulation, lies, aggression – all for the means to the end of false happiness. The tides have turned. The tsunami has reached our shores.

How do we help navigate, support, guide and change fundamental beliefs so that we can all move forward. It is time to break through what we have called the human condition that many have concluded, “just is.” No wonder the sense of hopelessness. No wonder the anger that has spilled over in many outrageous ways. But do you blame them? How long can you keep a cooped up lion in a cage feeding it fruits and vegetables while you leave the juicy piece of meat right on the other side? Or would you prefer suicide and drug overdoses? These are just two sides to the same coin—dis-satisfaction, despair, disempowerment. The fights, suicides; it’s the last stand one direction or the other, but for the same reason.”

Break Free From Living As A Conditioned Human

So now what? It’s a call for action. This is for those who are ready for a new way. It’s not through politics. That’s playing in the same game. The new way is what was delivered in the message: To follow your urge to do something that is far greater than yourself; to let go of the robotic living; to no longer be the “conditioned human” living by the expectations and messages handed down from generation to generation; to allow yourself to listen to and act on the pull of your heart and reach your “true happiness.”

It’s not easy by any means to break free from the conditions. Ana and I and countless of our clients have been there. But when you do break free of the conditions, your reach for a life of meaningfulness and joy will automatically make you a part of the global transformation; to a world where we respect, support, and take compassionate action to self and to everyone else. In this new world, we are all winners. In this new world, there is “true happiness.” You can be the agent of change. “If you can see it, you can change it.”